West Hoathly Parish Council 2023-24 Precept Increase Explanation

Message from the Chairman of West Hoathly Parish Council regarding 2023-24 precept increase and proposal to develop the former Ibstock Brickworks in Sharpthorne.

"At the meeting held on the 19th December 2023, the Parish Council unanimously resolved to engage a transport consultant to advise it on the most contentious part of the planning application, being the impact of a massive increase in traffic movements in Hamsey Road, Station Road, Top Road and by extension throughout the Parish. I very much regret that this will involve a significant cost to the Parish but given the fact that the Brickworks development is the largest single housing development ever presented to the Parish and is unlikely to be exceeded, the Council agreed that the cost was justified. The cost, of up to £5,000, has therefore been added to next year's precept.

The impact of this is that the overall precept is £88,018, an 11.6% increase (11.59% - a total tax of £91.52 for a band D property). Without the additional £5,000 the precept would have been £83,018, (5.25%- a total tax of £86.32 for a band D property)."

Posted: Mon, 06 Mar 2023 12:32 by Leanne Andrews

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