Bluebell Woods Volunteer Group - can you spare a few hours?

bluebell woods with carpet of deep purple bluebells and fallen tree

Volunteer Day - Saturday 12 June

Last year WHPC purchased part of Shagswell Wood, locally known as Bluebell Woods, from Riverdale after completion of the housing development.

The aim of the Council is to make the woods into a safe and enjoyable space for all residents to enjoy.

This brings with it a long term programme of works to clear and make safe what was, many decades ago part of the brickworks and more latterly a wood yard. There is extensive metal, ceramic and glass debris.

The Parish Council has formed a small working group to take this work forwards and quite a bit of work has already been done to start clearing the debris. We are now looking for volunteers to help us on the next stage of clearance which involves collecting and loading the loose metal debris onto a trailer for subsequent safe recycling and disposal.


Clearly, the area is currently somewhat hazardous and we would respectfully ask residents to take this into consideration when volunteering. Participation is at your own risk and it may be necessary to ask volunteers to sign an appropriate waiver. Please, no children.

That said, we would love your support and if you could spare a few hours on Saturday 12 June between 09:30 - 15:00, please contact the Clerk on

Posted: Fri, 21 May 2021 09:05 by Claire Hilton

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